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I was arrested, inside and outside of Brazil, for wanting to talk about the importance of preserving the oceans


We need to talk about the environment

I was born in Rio de Janeiro where, as a teenager, I helped clean the beaches of the city. What began as a dream of a young girl, turned into a life-long drive to discuss and act on environmental issues facing the world.


As such, I grew up working with organizations such as Greenpeace, Sea Shepherd, Amazon Watch, Institute Labor Organization and Avaaz.


I was boarded by pirates in Africa, survived storms on high seas, sabotaged illegal fishing vessels, and helped eradicate tuna farms. I was a spy, infiltrating the community of whalers hunting the mammals in the Faroes Islands and was arrested, inside and outside of Brazil, for talking about the importance of saving the Oceans.


I am a photographer, documentary filmmaker, reporter, sailor, activist and author of the book "Sete Anos em Sete Mares" (Seven Years in Seven Seas). In this book, I tell of my journey across more than 80 countries, and it feels like just the beginning.



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sete anos em sete mares

uma jornada ao redor do mundo em defesa do meio ambiente.

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